Monday, September 28, 2009

Oh, the titles we have heard

Every year, the Ticket Office shares some of their favorite mangled season titles they hear from patrons.

Some are pretty natural, especially given our location. So, The Brementown Musicians becomes quite naturally The Bremerton Musicians (which actually might make an interesting regional piece).

In the Northern Lands: Nordic Myths slides easily to Northern Lights and Getting Near to Baby produces Getting Ready for Baby (a stage in life most our patrons are familiar with).

But, by far the best yet have been for If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. They include:
Mouse as a Cookie
The Moose... something
The Mouse and the Cookie
Mouse Cookie

And our hands-down, overall, all-time favorite: If You Take a Party Cat to School

Priceless, folks - keep 'em coming!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Take a tour of SCT!

A few days ago, a (potential) new patron called our Ticket Office to inquire about tickets. She then asked if she could schedule a tour to see the theatre before her show to make sure we weren’t “some flea-bag outfit.”

Photo by Sternstein Photography.

I’m sure she meant no harm, and it gave the Ticket Office staff a good laugh. Because, in fact, we are very lucky to work in this beautiful building.

And, as it happens, the answer to her question about tours was – yes! We do in fact offer guided tours of the building, taking guests through our two theatres, technical pavilion and administrative offices. We accept groups anywhere from a single person to 40 at a time.

Tours have to be worked around our production schedule. After all, we don’t want folks walking through our dressing room area while actors are doing quick changes. But, other than that, we’re flexible and will do what we can to fit accommodate you.

We have one scheduled tour you can join as well. On Saturday October 17th, as part of Theatre Puget Sound’s Live Theatre Week Family Day, we’ll be offering one huge guided tour. We’ll be meeting in the SCT lobby starting at noon, and the tour will go from 12:15 to 1:00. We’ll be able to see the set for If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, and maybe even some set construction for Peter Pan, in addition to the usual tour stops.

If you’d like to RSVP for the Family Day tour, or to schedule a tour for your group, contact SCT Marketing & PR Manager Jim Jewell.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"Peter Pan" Set Model by Carey Wong

One of the many privileges of life at SCT is having the opportunity to work with artists like scenic designer Carey Wong. Not only is he an incredibly talented designer, but he's also a genuinely kind human being.

Carey designed the sets for SCT's upcoming production of Peter Pan, and once again they are both beautiful and functionally elegant.

Additional reading: International Examiner profile of Carey when he was designing The Neverending Story at SCT.