Friday, June 27, 2008

Summertime, and the livin's easy

SCT goes through quite a transformation at the end of each Mainstage season. Much of our Production staff departs for the summer, returning when the building of sets and stitching of costumes resumes in earnest late in the summer. The vacations postponed due to the breakneck pace of the Mainstage season finally take shape, so there a few faces missing every week.

But the real difference is all of the new faces around. Drama School classes are in full swing, and everywhere you look there are students enthusiastically, noisily creating art and forging new friendships. We also get a new crop of summer interns ready to learn how to engage young people in theatre arts.

This summer, some of those interns will be helming the blog, giving them a chance to tell you what working in the SCT Drama School, producing our Summer Season, is really like.

So check back here in the coming weeks for day-in-the-life accounts, interviews, photos and videos produced by our summer interns. And don't be shy about dropping a comment and letting them know how much their work is appreciated, because goodness knows we aren't paying them enough.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Season in Review

Our 07-08 Mainstage season closes this Sunday, and it has been a great ride. It started with the big, brash blast that is High School Musical, took us through Giant Country and to Fantastica and on to a castle in Denmark. It taught lessons about bullying and friendship and what exactly people do all day, not to mention giving us some time with that trickster, Coyote.

It was such a fun year, we put together this little homage to the season that was.

We've got even more fun planned for next year, with zombies and pirates and a certain road of yellow bricks you may have heard of, so we hope you'll join us again. And don't forget to check back for all of the great Summer Season programming that our Drama School will be presenting in the coming months.